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Wall Panels

Structural Wall Panels

Concast’s wall panels provide a quality alternative to traditional forms of wall construction. Precast concrete structural wall panels can be used as internal cross-walls, internal partitions or exterior walls, providing a ‘fair faced finish’. Wall panels can provide bracing for single or multi-storey buildings.
They are ideal for hotels, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, etc. Openings for doors and windows can be provided to suit requirements, and opes, notches or recesses for electrical services can be cast into the product. These panels can also be rendered, prior to their installation on site.

Reduced scaffoldings/ shuttering requirements
Reduced on-site labour
Range of quality finishes available which reduces the required on-site work and follow-through trades.
High degree of sound proofing and excellent thermal values.

The wall units are cast vertically in steel faced battery moulds or in tilting moulds, which provide smooth even surfaces on both sides of the unit. The panels can be designed as plain walls, reinforced walls or as deep beams, depending on their requirements of site.
Curved and faceted panels can also be cast, along with architectural features such as parapets, recesses, notches and opes.

Gable Panels

Gable wall panels are generally triangular shaped wall panels, placed in the roof/ attic cavity of a housing structure. These are often used in modern precast housing developments, and can aid the speed of erection of the overall structure. These panels can be cast as structural wall panels, generally 200mm thick, and are capable of withstanding loads from the roof structure (or other).
Gable panels can also be non load bearing, depending on the location, and can be made as 150 thick cladding panels, on these occasions. Gable cladding panels can be rendered, and can have finishes similar to those discussed in our cladding panel section.

Twin Walls

Twin walls are two thin sheets of concrete wall panel held together by a lattice. The gap between these two leaves is filled with concrete after these units are installed on site. To alter the width of these units, the cavity between the two leaves can simply be adjusted. External leaves are typically 70mm wide, with the cavity varying depending on the width of the wall in total (typically 200-400 depending on its application).
They can be used as either a standard structural wall panel, or as a retaining wall section, depending on the requirement on site. The reinforcement steel and foundation detail will alter, depending on the use of the panel.
Due to the decreased weight of these units, they can be easily lifted and installed on site. Opes can be incorporated into these walls easily, which are often required for ventilation in basement areas, or window or door opes.
Twin walls can be used as either Retaining walls or Wall Panels.


Spandrels are wall panels which are often cast with a concrete corbel or beam section, for slab to bear onto. They use the full depth of the wall section as a deep beam, and therefore can take substantial amounts of load.
They are often used in car parks, where the wall section above the beam can then be used as a crash barrier in the exterior of the building. As these panels are on the outside of buildings, they are often rendered prior to installation. Details of the range of finishes which can be applied to these spandrels, are available on our cladding panel page.
Due to the large beam depth of Spandrels, they are capable of taking large loads. In car parks, they often take 16m spans of hollowcore, and at spans of up to 8m.