• Concast have completed over 30 Multi-Storey carparks

  • ‘Concast’s ability to manufacture …is impressive…no hesitation in recommending Concast’

    McLaughlin & Harvey

  • Value Engineering is achieved through our in-house design

  • ‘Their manufacturing facilities are the largest I have seen.’
  • Concast have an extensive crane fleet up to 300t

  • ‘I could not sing the praises of Concast enough…..Concast performed miracles with installation and quality’

    RG Carter

  • Concast have 2 production plants, 7 batching plants

  • Concast are CHAS UK Registered

  • Concast have completed over 25 stadia

  • Over 10,000 apartments in 50 developments

  • Over 50 Office blocks, and over 100 Industrial units.

Modern residential schemes

Precast concrete provides off site methods of construction which bring both increased speed and enhanced quality to UK residential projects. Precast concrete delivers efficient and cost effective design solutions which meet and exceed modern architectural needs. Concast has successfully delivered award winning, precast concrete multi-storey apartments, flats, modern town-houses, duplexes, student accommodation, hotels, social and affordable housing schemes.

The preferred option for residential projects is cross-wall construction with party walls between dwellings which act as key structural elements. The cross wall system, incorporates wall panels, stairs and floor slabs. Concast also provide 3D stair and lift cores, which provide enhanced speed and access for follow on trades. Gable wall panels can be provided to suit all shapes and sizes, giving a traditional appearance to housing schemes. Sandwich panels are often used on the external bearing walls in these systems, or precast cladding panels can be provided on non load bearing walls.   The use of such panels can result in a fast, simple construction process on site followed quickly by finishing trades. 

The benefits of a precast system include:

  • Cost effective solution for residential developments,
  • Reduced number of sub-contractors required on site,
  • Reduced noise transfer and increased thermal insulation relative to traditional methods
  • A consistent quality and range of finishes to suit architectural requirements,
  • A complete service from design, production through to installation on site.

Concast have completed an extensive range of residential projects, which demonstrates our proven record in providing quality, innovative precast concrete residential solutions.


Typical precast elements include:

  • Beams

    Concast can provide a wide variety of beams, such as edge beams, spine beams, lintel beams, balcony beams etc.

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  • Columns

    Columns are available in a range of sizes and finishes. Square, rectangles and circular columns can all be cast, to any size required for a specific job. Single storey columns can be easily cast, these units are generally 2.5 - 4 m high. Beams bear directly on top of these units, with a dowelled connection between them.

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  • Wideslab

    Wideslab is a solid precast slab, which is pre-stressed to provide excellent span/ ratio depth. The standard slab width is 2400mm and available in depths of 80, 100, 125, 150 and 175 mm depths (our standard sizes are 100 and 150mm). Wideslab is often used with a structural screed, to aid stability of the structure and increase its load capacity.

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    Wide slab
  • Hollowcore

    Hollowcore Units derive their name from the circular voids or cores which run throughout the slab. The units have a smooth finish and maximum capacity of 2.3 kn/sqm over a 16m span. They are available in standard 1200mm widths and in depths of 150, 200, 250, 300 and 400 mm. They can be used effectively in all types of building providing a fast and cost effective structure.

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  • Cladding Panels

    Concast’s Cladding Panels are an inexpensive and attractive system for the external face of buildings. These panels are generally 150 thick, and have a variety of finishes to suit all aesthetic requirements.

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    Claddong Panels
  • Wall Panels

    Concast’s wall panels provide a quality alternative to traditional forms of wall construction. Precast concrete structural wall panels can be used as internal cross-walls, internal partitions or exterior walls, providing a ‘fair faced finish’. Wall panels can provide bracing for single or multi-storey buildings.

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    Wall Panels
  • Stairs and Landings

    Concast manufactures stairs or combined stairs and landing units which have a smooth, quality finish.

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  • Sandwich Panels

    A Sandwich panel is a panel that is used on an external bearing wall of a structure. It incorporates both an inner and outer leaf with insulation and cavity, held together by stainless steel connectors, and therefore replaces the need for two separate leaves, as per standard construction.

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    Sandwich Panels
  • C4 Beams

    Concast provides a popular solution for warehousing and industrial building. Typically these buildings are large single storey areas, but they can easily accommodate a first floor or mezzanine level.  They are ideal for structures which require a high degree of flexibility, with single or multiple bays.

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    C4 Beams