• Concast have completed over 30 Multi-Storey carparks

  • ‘Concast’s ability to manufacture …is impressive…no hesitation in recommending Concast’

    McLaughlin & Harvey

  • Value Engineering is achieved through our in-house design

  • ‘Their manufacturing facilities are the largest I have seen.’
  • Concast have an extensive crane fleet up to 300t

  • ‘I could not sing the praises of Concast enough…..Concast performed miracles with installation and quality’

    RG Carter

  • Concast have 2 production plants, 7 batching plants

  • Concast are CHAS UK Registered

  • Concast have completed over 25 stadia

  • Over 10,000 apartments in 50 developments

  • Over 50 Office blocks, and over 100 Industrial units.

Retaining Walls

Concast’s retaining wall units are an efficient means of bulk storage and retention of materials. The precast concrete units are free-standing and can be dismantled or relocated if required.

Concast offers four systems of retaining walls:

  •     Twin Walls
  •     Insitu Heel Retaining walls
  •     Single Heel Retaining walls
  •     Double Heel Retaining Walls

Examples of applications include:

  •     Build up embankments, river banks etc.
  •     Bulk storage of recycling materials, grain, aggregates, minerals etc.
  •     At entrances to box culverts (wing walls), to allow for build up of soil in these areas.

Typical precast elements include:

  • Wing Walls

    Wing walls are sloped retaining walls, which are placed at the entrance to a culvert, to allow the soil to incline to the full height in the area.These units are often combined with our head walls and culverts to form the entrance to culvert structures

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    Wing Walls
  • Twin Walls

    Twin walls are two thin sheets of concrete wall panel held together by a lattice. The gap between these two leaves is filled with concrete after these units are installed on site.

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    Twin Walls