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Loading Bays / Dock Leveller Pits

Retail Distribution Centres - Dock Levellers

Central distribution has become a critical success factor for major UK retailers and manufacturers. Suppliers require 24 hour access, to bays which cater for varying sized containers and special vehicles, within a multi-temperature controlled environment. Concast has gained a reputation for working with the retail sector to address these needs by providing innovative design, high quality precast concrete structures, on time and in budget.

Concast have developed a flexible precast concrete structural solution to address the specific warehousing requirements for central distribution centres. These precast concrete loading bays are fully adaptable, to the size and arrangements required by the leading dock leveller equipment providers. Precast concrete provides the benefit of factory controlled production, to precise size/tolerance requirements to suit each clients needs. The design of the precast structure also incorporates client requirements in relation to the thermal performance of the structure and temperature controlled warehousing, including chilled, ambient or frozen warehousing/storage.

The precast concrete loading bays typically comprises of front and back walls measuring approximately 1200 -1500mm high to finished floor level (FFL).  A precast concrete slab spanning between the front and back wall, either side of the dock leveller unit. Precast insulated sandwich panels, comprising of two layers of concrete with a layer of insulation, which forms the surround to the dock leveller door.

Typical precast elements include:

  • Retaining Walls

    Concast’s retaining wall units are an efficient means of bulk storage and retention of materials. The precast concrete units are free-standing and can be dismantled or relocated if required.

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    Retaining Walls
  • Sandwich Panels

    A Sandwich panel is a panel that is used on an external bearing wall of a structure. It incorporates both an inner and outer leaf with insulation and cavity, held together by stainless steel connectors, and therefore replaces the need for two separate leaves, as per standard construction.

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    Sandwich Panels
  • Wall Panels

    Concast’s wall panels provide a quality alternative to traditional forms of wall construction. Precast concrete structural wall panels can be used as internal cross-walls, internal partitions or exterior walls, providing a ‘fair faced finish’. Wall panels can provide bracing for single or multi-storey buildings.

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    Wall Panels
  • Beams

    Concast can provide a wide variety of beams, such as edge beams, spine beams, lintel beams, balcony beams etc.

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    Ground Beams