• Concast have completed over 30 Multi-Storey carparks

  • ‘Concast’s ability to manufacture …is impressive…no hesitation in recommending Concast’

    McLaughlin & Harvey

  • Value Engineering is achieved through our in-house design

  • ‘Their manufacturing facilities are the largest I have seen.’
  • Concast have an extensive crane fleet up to 300t

  • ‘I could not sing the praises of Concast enough…..Concast performed miracles with installation and quality’

    RG Carter

  • Concast have 2 production plants, 7 batching plants

  • Concast are CHAS UK Registered

  • Concast have completed over 25 stadia

  • Over 10,000 apartments in 50 developments

  • Over 50 Office blocks, and over 100 Industrial units.

Civil, Road and Rail Overview

Concast Precast Group, are working on key UK rail and civil projects, providing high quality products on time and in budget. Rail projects require suppliers whom they can trust and depend, to facilitate tight rail possessions and achieve the quality of detail required. Concast have a proven reputation of speed and quality. Concast provide value engineering to optimise design, and ensure ease of installation. The types of precast elements typically provided by Concast include prestressed bridge beams, GRC panels, ramp slabs, culverts, platforms, bridge decks, parapets, retaining walls amongst other bespoke products.

Typical precast elements include:

  • Bridge Beams

    Precast Bridge Beams are pre-stressed beams capable of spanning long distances, with maximum spans up to 45 m (depending on loads). They can be used for applications such as fly over bridges on motor ways, pedestrian bridges, commercial developments, marine jetties among many others.

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    Prestressed Bridge Beams
  • Ramp Slabs

    These are solid ordinary reinforced slabs used on pedestrian bridges or similar instances. These are capable of long spans under pedestrian loads, and can span up to 7 metres, depending on the depth of unit required.

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    Ramp Slabs
  • Box Culverts

    Precast Concrete box culverts are rectangular (or square) shaped sections that are generally combined to form under passes, conducting streams, pathways and drains under embankments or roads. Precast Concrete Box Culverts are generally cast and delivered to site in 2 m long sections, and joined together to form passage ways through the structure that will eventually be placed over them.

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  • Retaining Walls

    Concast’s retaining wall units are an efficient means of bulk storage and retention of materials. The precast concrete units are free-standing and can be dismantled or relocated if required.

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    Retaining Walls