Structures Overview

Continuous expansion of our product range and a high level of capital re-investment has been central to the success of Concast. Concast is a market leader in the design and manufacture of precast concrete multi-storey frames up to 20 storeys high.

Concast have provided precast structural solutions for shopping centres, car parks, office blocks, factories, hotels, residential blocks, hospitals, schools, sports stadia and conference centres. Precast construction is virtually unlimited in its application. Whether the building has a regular or an irregular shape, the entire structure or elements of the structure, such as frame floors, walls, stairs or balconies, can all be provided by Concast. Nowadays precast elements, combine seamlessly with non-precast elements to produce free-flowing spaces. Precast units with a variety of highly attractive and durable finishes can be manufactured to meet the most challenging design requirements. Bringing the benefits of controlled factory production, which include enhanced speed, quality and accuracy - to your project