Flood Prevention

Sea Defence - Wave Walls - Sea Barriers

Due to the recent floods in various parts of the UK and Ireland, local authorities and government agencies are constantly looking at systems to reduce potential flooding of low lying areas, harbours, rivers and lake areas. With this in mind, Concast have developed a range of flood prevention and coastal erosion products. These items are cast in precast concrete and are therefore strong and durable. They are delivered to site and installed by our team of specialists.

Wave barriers or Wave walls are a standard 2.25 m tall unit, 1.1 m wide. They can be cast with faceted ends to allow for the natural curves where these units are often positioned, at harbours or jetties. They can be used in all applications where the ingress of water is being prevented. Concast's wave barrier system gives an immediate solution to flood prevention and deliver the power and confidence that comes with high strength concrete.

Water barriers are often used in jetties or breakwater structures, as part of a coastal defence system, to protect an area from the affects of weather or longshore drift. These units can be cast in various sizes to suite the particular needs of the client, and form an instant barrier for the protected area. Precast Concrete has the advantage of eliminating the need for casting of concrete in marine conditions, which can be expensive and time consuming.