Concast can provide a wide variety of beams, such as edge beams, spine beams, lintel beams, balcony beams etc.

  • Edge Beams - Provide a bearing edge on one side for flooring slabs.
  • Spine Beams - Provide a bearing edge on two sides for flooring slabs.
  • Lintel Beams - Span over door or window opes, to provide bearing for structure above.
  • Balcony Beams - These are beams cast with an integral balcony area, including required opes and levels.

We have a number of standard sizes and shapes for these beams, but if this does not suit a particular project, individual moulds can be fabricated.

Where single storey columns are being used, continuous beams are cast, to reduce the bending moment of the beam, and therefore its depth. Continuous beams extend beyond the column support, and provide bearing for a smaller drop-in beam, between them.