Cladding Panels Overview

Concast’s Cladding Panels are an inexpensive and attractive system for the external face of buildings. These panels are generally 150 thick, and have a variety of finishes to suit all aesthetic requirements.

Concast’s rendered finish is a synthetic coating, tested and approved for 25 years, and available in over 250 colours.

Concast also offers a range of brick finish panels. These panels are delivered to site with the brick slip finish already in place, and can be easily installed on site.

Reckli finish panels are also available. This is a form liner, which can create a pattern on the outside face of the panel. Depending on the panels use, these can also be rendered after casting.

Curved and faceted panels can be cast, along with parapet returns, recesses, notches, dummy joints and opes, which are oftern required by architects.

Cladding panels can either be stacked (one on top of another), or can bear onto the internal structure. Panels bearing on the internal structure are often used for architectural effects, such as banding and picture frames.