Box Culverts

Precast Concrete box culverts are rectangular (or square) shaped sections that are generally combined to form under passes, conducting streams, pathways and drains under embankments or roads. Precast Concrete Box Culverts are generally cast and delivered to site in 2 m long sections, and joined together to form passage ways through the structure that will eventually be placed over them.

Precast Concrete U-shaped culverts can also be cast, when access is required from above to the culvert. Lids can be cast for these units, which allow the user to have to culvert covered over or accessible, as required.  These are often used when pipes or other equipment that may require mantenance are stored below ground.

They are designed to withstand the vertical and horizontal pressures from the earth and other superimposed loads, and are available in sizes up to 3.6m high and 6m long.

Head walls and wing walls are often required at the entrances to culverts. Concast can also cast these items.