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Bridgewater Shopping Centre, Wicklow

Client: North Quay Developments
Engineer: McElroy Assoc.

This is a mixed used structure, including a shopping centre, cinema, restaurants and apartments above, in Arlow Co. Wicklow. As the layout changes from one style of construction to another, there was the need for a transfer structure to accommodate this. This was achieved through the use of transfer beams and slabs, which the wall panels bear directly onto.

This development shows how flexible Concast can be, with beam and column structure mixed with cross wall construction. A high floor to floor height was required between ground and first floor, along with a wide, open plan area, this was achieved through tall columns and long span hollowcore. Circular columns were requested by the architect, which are visible in the photos below. The balcony beams in the apartment areas give an large, unobstructed view of the bay.

Scope of work: Beams, Columns, floors, wall panels, stairs, landings, spandrels, hollowcore and wideslab.

Office Block : 4750 sq. m.
Apartment: 5050 sq m.
Total: 9800 sq m.